Perfectly Imperfect

Guardian at the entrance to a shrine, Kalutara, Sri Lanka. Photograph©Chulie Kirtisinghe de Silva

“Happily, we do not need to be perfect in order to feel good,” said a horoscope guru on the web . This is perfect I thought as the reading got even better when it said “Nor, even more happily, do we need to live perfect lives.”  Misery apparently stems neither from some lack of personal perfection nor from the existence of a less-than-ideal situation, but from the IDEA that things ought to be better than they are.

Doesn’t that thought drive most of us most of the time? But our high levels of expectation, based on some spurious, superficial comparison with an imaginary standard, equals pain, say the horoscope guru. OK, time to stop dreaming about the Merc-benz SLS AMG that costs a cool 120 million LKR in Sri Lanka. Oh!shoot! Why did I call to find out what it cost – so, I’d know how much I can’t afford!

Forget the dream cars, enjoy the holidays, have high levels of acceptance, based on tolerance for that equals joy.

 Wishing all good tidings of comfort and joy this holiday season.

7 thoughts on “Perfectly Imperfect

  1. I completely agree Chulie, I feel like sometimes the less that I have, the simpler life is and the more I am easily fulfilled in content. I AM a sucker for nice cars though and am continuously dreaming about that SLS AMG 😉

  2. Chulie,
    Painful memories recapped beautifully. Perhaps it is your path to katharsis. Few days ago I visited the Wild Life Office in Hikkaduwa and was surprised to find it is located at Bennie Uncle’s house! So I told them about my memories of your house, how we used to use the path through your house to the beach as a kid living further inland and later in my ‘research’ days how my dutch friend stayed in the cottage in the garden etc. Your mother was a good source of knowledge for me about the village when I did my research on tourism.
    It was a nostalgic visit stirring memories of bygone days (getting old arent we!?). The house is the same yet so different. Strange to think of it as an office but a wise decision as there are so many people walking in and out using the beach for their work.
    Hope one day you can get the house back to its old self ! That would be fun or are these thoughts merely the stuff that dreams are made of!!

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