Ambition, Disunity and Conspiracy and the Tragedy of 1815



of the

Ceylon Society of Australia

 Colombo Chapter


Ambition, Disunity and Conspiracy and the Tragedy of 1815.

Mr. Haris de Silva

Retired Director, National Archives


Questions and discussions will follow

Date: Saturday, 5th December 2009 at 5.30 p.m.


Venue: Lions Activity Centre, Vidya Mawatha, Colombo



(Vidya Mw, which joins Wijerama Mw to the Independence Square, is now accessed from its Wijerama Mawatha end. Proceed along Bauddhaloka Mw, turn into Wijerama and then turn left –  towards Independence Square – at the lone tree junction.

Enter the Lions Activity Centre through drive-way on your right between the SLAAS and the Institute of Engineers buildings)

Interested ? Please contact persons below. No fee for attendance.

Chulie de Silva, (President)

Tel:  077 777 2220; e-mail:

Daya Wickramatunga

Tel:  077 317 4164 ; e-mail Mike Udabage, (Treasurer)


About the Ceylon Society of Australia (CSA):

The CSA is a non profit organization, incorporated in Australia. Its main objectives are to foster, promote, and develop interest in the cultural heritage of Sri Lanka, especially the post-medieval period when this country was first exposed to, what we now call, globalization.  Apart from publishing the journal- The Ceylankan which has attracted much international appreciation, the Society holds meetings quarterly in Sydney, Melbourne and Colombo. Most importantly, it is non-political and non partisan, and studiously steers clear of political and similar controversial issues. CSA is not a formal, high profile Society but, rather, a gathering of like-minded people, open to receiving and imparting new ideas, who would enjoy a quarterly meeting in reasonably modest and intimate surroundings. The Colombo Chapter caters to CSA members in, and passing through Sri Lanka, and the Sri Lankan public. ! 


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