Turkish Delights!!!


 Grand bazzaar DSC_0024

Istanbul the capital of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, located on the two  sides of the Bosphorus  is steeped in history. There was a fascinating collection of magnificent religious and civil structures.  But first it was a visit to the Grand Bazaar and a walk around the streets to absorb the ambience. Mind boggling the sights sounds and smell of kebabs etc.    


blog Pedlar's street 1 DSC_0325

Belly dancing costumes DSC_0017


ceramics DSC_0011

Trade and bartering is a way of life. Among the carpets, the ceramics, lamps  (not only the Aladdin type), belly dancing costumes, jewellery, spices, almonds, dates, figs and fruits of all kinds was the famous Turkish Delight. Right next t to it we found small bottles of yellow liquid which looked suspiciously like the honey jars at the breakfast table and  a little board that said Turkish Viagra.  The price  was 20 Turkish Lira.  Not interested we walked away — the price dropped down to 5 Lira and in addition there was a special offer for my pretty young colleague — not a story to be told here.

 Turkish Spice shop 

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Photographs@ Chulie de Silva

7 thoughts on “Turkish Delights!!!

  1. Chulie

    You should be the editor for ‘Kris’ Magazine….Terrific. You should have tried a ‘Turkish bath’…….and massage

  2. You have captured more in your four photos than I in 20 photos taken in a similar if not the same bazaar.

  3. lovely!….I hope you got one of those dancing costumes for yourself…….:-). Great photos as always. Lots of love, A.

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