This must be underwater love.

Amazing! We have puffer fish here –maybe divers here can comment!

Campari and Sofa

underwater-mystery-circle-8This is the story of a curious man and an undersea artist.

At 71 years old, Yoji Ookata thought he had seen it all … underwater. He’d been diving since his 21st birthday. Worked as a professional deep sea photographer since he was 40 and spent the past 31 years beneath the surface of the planet. Immersed in the infinite mysteries of the sea. A world that became as familiar to him as the camera in his hand.

Until one day off Amami Oshima, a semi-tropical island which is part of the Ryukyu Archipelago in Japan. That day Ookata spotted something on the seabed he had never seen before. And, when he returned to the boat, it turned out no-one on the surface had seen before either.

Yoji’s pictures revealed a geometric, circular structure. Laid out, perfectly undisturbed, in the sand. The “mystery circle” was more than six feet in diameter…

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