What if everything you thought you knew about love was WRONG?

Campari and Sofa

LOVE-HANDSThe young woman who washed my hair at the hairdresser today me told that she is in love. And this time it’s for real. I asked her how she knew? And she listed her new fella’s virtues – he doesn’t lie, he buys her presents, he takes her great places, he’s never late to fetch her, he doesn’t have other girlfriends ..

“All good” – I told her, “and congrats on picking so wisely. But you are describing his personality and behaviour – I’m wondering what is it that tells you that YOU are in love.” She rinsed my hair with cold water: “I don’t know”, she said “I’ve never really thought about it.”

Barbara Fredrickson has thought about it. She is the Kenan Distinguished Professor of Psychology and director of the Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology Laboratory at the University of North Carolina. She is a Positive Psychologist who is…

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