Twentieth Anniversary of WWW going Public

k-bigpicHard to believe that the World Wide Web went public only twenty years ago. It brings a whole lot of memories of how I got hooked on to the web then. I had first read in 1986 about the coming of  a “network’ that would revolutionise the way we communicated in a scientific journal at the Ceylon Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research (CISIR as it was known then). The announcement that  the technology was available on a royalty free basis came when CERN published a statement.changing the digital world and my world forever. Then living in Brunei without Internet access I trekked off to International Graduate Summer School at Aberystwyth University in 1995, and learned to surf and sent my first email to my son, after logging in as a visitor to his University Technology Sydney website and finding his email address. The rest I suppose is history now but what an interesting 20 years it had been!

“That decision, pushed forward by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, transformed the internet, making it a place where we can all freely share anything and everything—from social media updates, through streamed music, to YouTube videos of cats. It has fundamentally shaped the way we communicate.”

Read more at Jamie  Condliffe‘s Twenty Years Ago Today the World Wide Web Went Public.

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