AnthropoGraphia: 2013 Human Rights Visual Storytelling Awards

AnthropoGraphia Award 5th Edition
Human Rights through visual storytelling.

AnthropoGraphia has announced a call for entries for the 2013 Human Rights through Visual Storytelling Award.

Call for entries ends: 7 May 2013.


Human Rights Through Visual Storytelling
AnthropoGraphia will grant a 3,000$ award to one outstanding Visual Storytelling essay.

This is an excellent opportunity for visual storytellers to exhibit their work and demonstrate their commitment to human rights issues.

For the 2013 edition, AnthroGraphia will be selecting 12 photo-essays and 6 multimedia projects from the entries submitted. These will be chosen by a team of curators that includes Matthieu Rytz, the president of AnthropoGraphia, and 2 guests curators:  Adrian Evans – Director of Panos Pictures, and Shahidul Alam – photographer, writer, lecturer and human rights activist, Managing Director Drik PLC

Adrian Evans                                                Shahidul Alam

Álvaro Laiz – winner of an honorary mention at the 4th edition of the AnthropoGraphia Award
Mongolia is a sovereign nation and the least densely populated country in the world, with fewer than two inhabitants per square kilometre. Homosexuality is still taboo there. The weight of tradition and the years under Soviet domination, a time during which homosexuals were sent to the gulag, constitute a great burden for gays, lesbians, and transsexuals, who continue to be repressed, rejected, and victimized.

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