Bangladeshi blogger wins “Reporters without Borders” category awards” at BoBs

Shahidul Alam with Jury Members of the Best of Blogs.  Photographer unknown.

Hot off the WordPress of blogger Shahidul Alam is the news of the Bangladeshi journalist Abu Sufian’s blog about extrajudicial executions and other kinds of injustice is the jury choice in the “Reporters Without Borders” category of this year’s BOBs (Best of Blogs competition), organized by the German radio station Deutsche Welle. It was chosen from 11 finalists by an international jury consisting of bloggers and a Reporters Without Borders representative.

In addition to the User Prizes, the jury of bloggers, media experts and activists also got shut into a conference room for a day to cure the best blogs, and campaigns and media project in the main six multilingual categories.

Blogger and journalist Arash Sigarchi was this year’s big winner, taking the Jury Award for Best Blog with Window of Anguish,” where he writes about human rights, social and political topics about his homeland. Window of Anguish is widely read inside and outside of Iran for its objective view of current events. Currently in Washington, Sigarchi maintains close connections to many sources in Iran.

It’s a pity that some of us can’t enjoy reading all the blog pieces and hope someone will translate the winning pieces into English. But its great to see bloggers being recognised for their work.

Link to Shahiduls Post  for more.

Go check out the winners:

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