The bits and pics of photo memories January 2012

The Kandyan “Geta Bera” Drummer beats a slow pace as Kanishka and Chamila lights the oil lamps at their wedding. 19 January 2012. Photograph©Chulie de Silva. 

Holidays end too fast.  Memories of moments shared, the laughter and reminisces, sadly fade. I’d often look back at my past blog posts and wished I had blogged more — even briefly, less than perfect blogs so the joys of the days are captured. This is blogging to  remember. …

Our first day at Hikkaduwa, Nickie at dinner declared “I want to see turtles.”  The wish granting fairy must have been close by, as soon after we heard a turtle was laying eggs. Rushing over to the spot we watched as the greenback turtle lay eggs. The excited visitors were held back by the wildlife  authority staff, and no flash photography was allowed. Job done, she covered her tracks, got a little disoriented but with the gentle help from a wildlife authority worker, it was a quick waddle from terra firma to her familiar sea world .

A greenback turtle returns to sea after laying over 140 eggs. Hikkaduwa, 11 January, 2012. Photograph©Chulie de Silva

Galle is always fascinating — the ghosts of the past, the Portuguese, the Dutch lurk behind heavy wooden doors and on cobbled streets.  My imagination runs riot as it used to when ever I visited Galle.  There is always something different too — like the Laxmi statue, sitting serenly in a tractor under a canopy of trees.

The Laxmi statue sits stranded in a tractor opposite the Galle Court complex. Galle. Photograph©Chulie de Silva Sri Lanka. 12 January, 2012.

A young devotee lights oil lamps at Sailibimbaramaya temple, Dodanduwa, 21 January 2012. Photograph©Chulie de Silva

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2 thoughts on “The bits and pics of photo memories January 2012

  1. I just saw a turtle laying 300 eggs on TV minutes before opening your blog. How lucky you were to be there at the right time. Am glad you take the time to post these to share with those who won’t be as lucky.

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