The flower says. …

A flower blooms in monsoon rain. Photograph©Chulie de Silva

The flower says

Blessed am I

Blessed am I

Upon this earth…


The flower says

I was born from the dust

Kindly kindly

Let me forget it

Let me forget it

Let me forget.


Of dust inside me there is none

No dust at all inside me

The flower says.


The words are the first section of a song composed by Rabindranath Tagore for his dance drama Chandalika, the untouchable maid.  The drama was modeled on an ancient Buddhist legend describing how Ananda, – Gautams Buddha’s  disciple—asks  for water from a girl belonging to an indigenous tribe.

4 thoughts on “The flower says. …

  1. The poem is meaningful in the context of the drama. I cannot empathise with the philosphy, though, which I would re-phrase as “I was born from the dust – let me NOT forget it”. When the humble ‘vatu suddha’ flower (in your lovely photo) is placed before the Budhha, one medidates: ‘Just as this beautiful flower will fade away and die, so will my body follow the same path’. DUST TO DUST.

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