Like my heart’s pain. …/Tagore for today

Yana’s garden Vienna. Photograph©Chulie de Silva

How much of “heart’s pain” do we carry with us? And how many times can you recall when a lover’s light caress on the nape of your neck, a gentle touching of fingers, a butterfly kiss on the eye lids, a friend’s warm hug, an unexpected phone call, a moment recalled eased your aching heart even when you were wreathed in deepest sorrow?  Burdened by the grief of losing Prasanna, my brother in the tsunami, Padmini, my sister-in-law recalled how she saw saw our faithful mongrel Lassie floating on a cushion as the tsunami currents ran amoke destroying everything in its path. Lassi survived, was found later among the tsunami debris refusing to leave our house. I am sure all of us can bring to mind such memorable fragments if we press the playback button on our life’s reels.  Along with the photographs taken in Vienna in the garden of my favourite ex-in-law’s, I hope this Tagore poem will bring a smile to your face.

Like my heart’s pain that has long missed its


the sun’s rays robed in dark

hide themselves under the ground.

Like my heart’s pain at love’s sudden touch,

they change their veil at the spring’s call

and come out in the carnival of colours,

in flowers and leaves.

Summer flowers in Yana’s garden Vienna. Photograph©Chulie de Silva

In my life’s garden

my wealth has been of the shadows and lights

that are never gathered and stored.

Rabindranath  Tagore

3 thoughts on “Like my heart’s pain. …/Tagore for today

  1. I wish I could go there! Feel the color inside me!

    I wish there could be more pix of the flowers! As flowers touched me more than the poem itself!

    Anyway thanks for the post… … … …

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