Plans for 2009?


Life is never a smooth glide as it is for these duckies — well not for long.

Now that it is safe to take the mobile off the silent mode and you are trying to wean yourself away from the leftover stollen and the breuder comes this question from a friend: what are your plans for 2009?  Plans? New Year resolutions? – ouch!  Well, let’s see — I could start by cooking less,  over stocking my fridge, more time at the gym, more blogging — a list can be produced. …

No you idiot, think!! Take a leaf from where you work — have a concept note, get a strategy team to work out the strategy, talk to the experts. …  Ah, but count and see with all that work how many went phut!!! When the only place top keep your money is looking more like under the pillow or in the rice jar – the world has changed buddy.

 So the strategy me thinks for 2009 is not to have a strategy-living on the edge of chaos has its own thrills – maybe just one resolution — look after that bundle of thoughts and maybe who knows I might just catch some moments of that happy, comfortable and yearned for life at ease. …


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2 thoughts on “Plans for 2009?

  1. I was engrossed by your photography, and found your writing to my liking as well. Would you like to contribute once in a way to a magazine I am editing?

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