Read, Learn, Think & Write about the Knowledge Economy

US$1700 prizes up for grabs

WANTED: Your Ideas!!

 Use it or lose it. That’s what they say about muscle power. Can you say the same about your mind?  How do you keep it sharp? Learn about new things?

What do you know about the Knowledge Economy? “Sri Lanka’s economy is shifting away from industry and agriculture towards a more service-based economy and as government is promoting the island as an offshore hub there is great potential for the country to benefit from strengthening its Knowledge Economy infrastructure”- Building the Sri Lankan Knowledge Economy

It is said that the economics of a knowledge economy is not of scarcity but of abundance.  Unlike most resources that deplete when used information and knowledge actually grow through sharing and application.

New growth theories have demonstrated that there is a correlation between the intellectual capital of a country and its economic performance.  Today we see at every turn how this intellectual capital is highly prized by high performing countries and its organizations to gain a competitive edge in the global market.  Research and development (R&D), knowledge creation and fertilization, innovation in product design are now universally considered to be the vital determinants of this intellectual capital.

Send in your views on how Sri Lanka can build the Knowledge Economy to the essay competition  conducted by The World Bank in partnership with LIRNEasiaPoint Pedro Institute of Development (PPID) and the Distance Learning Center (DLC) of Sri Lanka.

 The competition is open to students and faculty members of higher education institutes of Sri Lanka.  Deadline 20 May, 2008.

First prize –   US$1000

Second prize -US$ 500

Third prize –    US$ 200

 Have a go, send in your essays 

For more info go to:

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