Bus Bomb in Mount Lavinia — 18 injured — Updated

A bomb exploded in a bus in Mount Lavinia,  on the southern outskirts of the Capital Colombo this morning (2/23)  around 11 am Sri Lanka time. injuring 18.  The blast occurred outside a court house and the bus was completely destroyed

In an interview with a private TV station, a female passenger said she saw a suspicious looking parcel and wanted to get off the bus.  A  call was made to the police and the passengers were being evacuated when the  explosion occurred approximately 5 minutes after the telephone call.

If not for the vigilant public the casualties would have been higher. Visuals on the private TV station also showed ambulances at the scene soon after the blast carrying the injured to the Colombo South hospital . 

The evening news showed the charred remains of the bus.  The medical director of the Colombo South hospital said there were no serious injuries and all injured were being looked after well. Among the injured was an 8 month old infant. 

Today’s blast comes almost three weeks after the spate of bombs around February 4, when Sri Lanka celebrated independence day, and a day after the LTTE claimed the air strikes by the military had killed civilians including children. See also AFP report:

Sri Lanka victory march bogged down in fog of war

3 thoughts on “Bus Bomb in Mount Lavinia — 18 injured — Updated

  1. What luck the lady saw the suspicious parcel. So sorry for the injured and the added stress to the bus riders. Thank you so much for the information.

  2. Was about 2 hundred yards away when it went off. Quite luckily we stopped at a shop to check something out, if not we would have been next to the bus.

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