Roadside Bomb Kills Minister Dassanayake in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka’s non-cabinet Nation Building Minister, D.M Dassanayake succumbed to injuries sustained in a bomb explosion which occured in the town of Ja-Ela, 19 km north of Colombo around 10:35 am, today 8 January.  The minister died around 12.25 p.m, at the Ragama Teaching Hospital.

The Ministry of Defense website reports quoting the Deputy Director of the Ragama Teaching Hospital that the Minister sustained severe injuries due to the claymore explosion.

Dassanayake, was a member of the President Rajapakse’s Sri Lanka Freedom Party and represented the Anamaduwa electorate.

Eleven others were also wounded and four of them were critically injured and were being treated at the the Ragama Teaching Hospital.

Ja-ela town is situated between the capital Colombo and Katunayake town where the international airport is located.

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