It’s Official Sri Lanka to Scrap Truce with LTTE

Sri Lankan Minister Kehelia Rambukwella in an interview with the BBC’s program said yesterday (2 January) that the Government is withdrawing from the internationally brokered 2002 Ceasefire Agreement (CFA) signed with the  Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) .  Rambukwella, the  cabinet spokesman denied that this is an official declaration of war but said  the Government was concerned about national security.

Asked by BBC Sinhala program about the status of the  Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) established as an integral part of the CFA, the minister said “These are the things that will follow on this. It will be done according to whatever the protocols that are available to us.”

The first two days of the new year in Sri Lanka has been bloody and violent.  An opposition United National Party (UNP) member of Parliament T. Maheswaran was gunned down on the first of January as he worshipped at the Sivan Kovil (Tamil temple) in a Colombo suburb Kotahena. As disturbing photos and story of this tragedy hit the news stands on the 2 January a claymore bomb exploded in the city and blew up a military bus killing 4 and injuring another 22.

The Cabinet unanimously approved the prime minister’s proposal to pull out from the 2002 truce, Media Minister Anura Yapa told the Associated Press. The cease-fire, brokered by Norway, had been considered the best chance of ending two decades of civil war between the government and the Tamil Tiger rebels, who seek an independent homeland for ethnic Tamils in the north and east. But major fighting erupted again two years ago,” AP said in an article today reproduced in the British Guardian newspaper.

The pro-LTTE Tamilnet website in an article titled Colombo to Annul CFA said  that “The February 2002 agreement, in its paragraph 4.4, specifies that the agreement shall remain in force until notice of termination is given by either Party to the Royal Norwegian Government. Such notice shall be given fourteen (14) days in advance of the effective date of termination.”

1 thought on “It’s Official Sri Lanka to Scrap Truce with LTTE

  1. The LTTE is cornered on three fronts and has limited resources to fight a conventional war with the superior GOSL forces. The termination of the CFA brokered and supported by the international aid donors including India will give the LTTE a reason to unleash a 9/11 type of terrorist act. One of the biggest casualties of such an act will be India and other aid donors who stand to be inundated with refugees -Tamils, Muslims and Sinhalese. The international community will then act severely against Sri Lanka in their own self interest. 2008 will be extremely bad for Sri Lanka as a result.

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