2008 in a Fool’s Paradise?


It’s just past midnight. A cacophony of fire crackers are greeting the New Year in Colombo as I write. The radio is playing oldies a mixture of English and Sinhala favourites like the old bailas …The SMS beeps bring in more good wishes, the young undergraduates next door shout “Jayaweva” as they light their crackers.

This is the month that belongs to the two faced Roman God Janus. So today on this first day of the Gregorian calendar like me I suppose most will look back as well as forward– I am certainly not cheered by what I can see when I look backwards at our island.  Despite the crackers and dances at the posh and not so posh hotels etc, there is a general gloom about the high cost of living, conflict and insecurity as underworld thugs rule the day,  There are doom and gloom forecasts of rising high seas and environmental disasters 

But let’s not be as depressive as Murphy of the oft quoted law and look forward with optimism — let’s wish that this tricky year turns out to be good.

Photograph Sunrise at Blue Waters Hotel, Wadduwa © Chulie de Silva

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