24 K Gold pills to boost your inner sense of self-worth?

 Two wacky New York designers Tobias Wong and Ju$t Another Rich Kid, have come up with Gold pills that make your poo sparkle.

If money in the Bank and collecting wealth is boring and you’ve nursed a secret  wish to change your innermost parts to chambers of wealth-then these are for you.   The pills contain 24-carat gold leaf in capsules dipped in gold and is priced at  US$425.

There is in the market, apparently a schnapps called Goldschlager, which contains gold flakes, which has the same effect for a fraction of the cost.

1 thought on “24 K Gold pills to boost your inner sense of self-worth?

  1. We just got a bottle of sake to drink for new year, it is the tradition in Japan to drink sake with gold leaf in it for new year.
    We are in San Francisco and in a few hours we will be drunk not even to notice gold in our drinks. Hope you enjoyed your new year! (I am Sri Lankan with no ties to Sri Lanka and My gril friend is Japanese. I know I was born a Sri Lankan.)
    I have been to Hikaduwa and I am sorry to hear about your brother that you wrote about in later post. I know it is hard, I lost my whole family when I was very young. I also had brother who loved me a lot. Life is such. I find my solace in Lotus Suthra, as I am a practicing Buddhist. I will chant for your brother. I will keep you in mind when we come to Sri Lanka next time.

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