Softly, softly@Supreme Court

The guy taking photos of the new lawyers tapped me on the shoulder and said “We are the official photographers for the Bar Association but your flash is triggering ours, so do you mind… ”  So I switched off the flash and tried to take photos further away.  All the lawyers were crowded around a desk, signing forms etc but was told not to take one of the Buddhist painting there. So that was out too.


First job after taking oaths? Kokila Kattatuwa is engrossed filling a form.  I thought it best to seek her permission — this was really on second thoughts as she had no idea that I photographed her even.  But she had no objections to her photo being on my blog but did ask me why I wanted to photograph her.

The trouble is no one knows  where one can take photographs., but I wasn’t going to argue with the SC.  It would be a simple thing to put a camera and a cross, or even a skull and bones in certain areas and it would keep us out of trouble.


Looking out of the window, I see bats sleeping hanging out of a tree.  A sight still seen in and around Colombo. In Panadura, where my achchi lived there were thousands of bats on a huge Bo tree.  Many said they had seen strange lights and a devatha ( a goddess) lived there too.  She was seen as a circular disc of bright light.  Well, she must have been exceptionally good or batty to live there amids the bat pong. 

A long wait for my brother who went looking for a colleague of his.  I  Started to  look for a washroom  and discovered the only washroom on the 5th floor was a men only.  One had to go down a floor to find one for the ladies. No flippant comments  from me — this is the Supreme Court.


 Wandering around the 4th floor I met Pathum crouched on the floor laboriously copying on to an exercise book from another picture book propped up on a wall.  His police constable mother, probably on her lunch break was watching over him. “My favourite subject is science, I want to be a doctor,” Pathum said.  Having got permission from his mother to photograph him, and trying to keeping him engaged I asked whether he had any brothers or sisters. Quite sadly he said  “No its only my Amma and me in the family.”  Buried in that statement and the mother’s sad eyes was another story but it was not for me to invade any further into their life.

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