Bomb Blast@Nugegoda

Today was one of those rare days when I managed to get off work before 6p.m and I was mentally making a check list of all things I would do this evening.  The first news on the radio said there was a loud explosion in Nugegoda but the chirpy DJ lass said quite nonchalantly — now don’t panic and we will give you more information.  Traffic was moving as usual but there were no news update  — so I pulled on to a side and called a journalist friend — she knew a bit more — it was outside the “Nolimit” the popular department store but she was still scrambling to get her story together.

The ambulances whizzed passed wailing and was joined by the fire engines.  Calling another friend, I found that the roads were blocked and it was safe to stay away for a while or take alternate routes. Taking a side road, I realised that it was a futile exercise to try to get home. So I turned back and went to my cousin Lucky and Christine’s. 

The first bomb today had gone off close to their house in Fife Road but they didn’t know about this one.  Switching on the news murky wobbly pictures were coming on — unedited raw footage of TV crew trying to interview eye witnesses,– the words came out fast and sometimes jumbled and one man kept turning towards the bomb site as if he had to see it to believe it.

 More news reports  showing blood splattered pavements — 16 dead about forty injured.  There were more injured — someone’s mum, wife, daughter I thought.  Phone lines were jammed as I tried to contact colleagues to find out if they were safe.

 It is past 11 pm now and I came home a little while ago.  Nugegoda is calm and traffic is now moving smoothly.  Although not many vehicles were around.  I just couldn’t resist going around to ground zero.  The street in front of the popular department store  closest to where the bomb went off is cornered off and Police are guarding it — but the twisted metal front, the hollow of a shop,  the burnt remnants of a motor bike, shattered glass etc  were visible in the dim street lights.  This only indicates what a powerful bomb it was. Beyond the barrier the police didn’t worry too much about people stopping to watch but I didn’t have the camera with me to take photos

Schools have been closed for two days.  There is some concern whether this will be a start of a string of such attacks. …

2 thoughts on “Bomb Blast@Nugegoda

  1. 1) The terrorist problem in SL cannot be solved militarily (why? past experience, IPKF, Sri Lanka politics and many more other reasons gathered over the last 30 years in Sri Lanka and around the world -Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon are all proof . Most importantly Sri Lanka cannot afford a war- no money).
    2) A negotiated settlement with the LTTE is not possible because gap between what the LTTE wants -EELAM and what the South is willing to grant, is too wide. The gap is too wide.
    3) In situations such as the above where; war and negotiations are not possible the ONLY alternative or the best possible solution is to select a course of action that both parties have no dispute with -economic development.
    4) In order to achieve economic development the whole country, not only the North and East must be, simultaneously addressed, otherwise the South will object to N&E alone being developed etc.
    5) The mechanism for development is Federal, PC, DC or some other unit of devolution of power. The name is immaterial to me . The actual devolution of power, accountability is more important. For all I know we can create our own terminology for the devolved entity.
    6) Simultaneously as the above, we must prevent the LTTE or any body else bringing arms to SL by patrolling the seas with Indian and US help. Continue to press and win international support for development and sell the concept of some devolution of power for the greater good of the country’s future.
    7) None of the above will work unless the govt can take the majority of the people with them for which the govt must trim itself down to 25 ministers, cut costs down by 50%, be transparent in their dealings, bring down the cost of living, actively engage in seeing that every man, woman and child have a roof over their heads, food at a reasonable cost, good education and good health facilities. No govt who can deliver these basic initiatives will be voted out by MP’s who cross over or need support of cross overs for they will have majority people support.

  2. the thing with bombs is not just the direct deaths and damages from the bomb but also the aftermaths.

    like the blocked roads, the delays, the increased security and of course the fear psychosis.

    giving into the fear is not, in my opinion, the best way to handle this because disrupting normal life is what terrorists want.

    i think we can expect more of this and we need to be prepared.

    people should not react on heard instinct, especially when this could happen during rush hour and the roads are jammed and there is no where to run.

    our public, including children, need to be educated on how to react or how not to.


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